Abbey Pumping Station

The Abbey Pumping Station wasn’t on our radar, we had no idea it existed, and so it was a sort of stumble upon visit where we mean to go to the National Space Centre in Leicester but turned left instead of right.

OK, maybe we did visit the National Space Centre, but as you can read in our review of that, our visit was cut a little short, and this industrial brick building with tall chimney sat right across the car park, so we wandered across to go and take a little look, not expecting very much.

The building used to be a sewerage pumping station, and was built way back in 1891, and ran up until 1964, opening as a museum in 1972.

The museum is not very big, but it packs more in than they probably have space for, and it goes to make an interesting place where we found we could spend an hour or two.

The displays mainly play on the history of the building, with displays of water management, alongside the old pumping machinery, and steam engines.

The museum also has a moving picture and photography display aswell as trams and other vehicles such as a miniature railway and vintage cars.

Although the Pumping Station won’t be to everybody’s taste, it does appeal to anybody with even the slightest interest in industry and how things have changed in the 120 plus years the building has been there.

Coupled with a visit to the Space Centre, you can really make up a picture of science and industry right from the 1800’s to modern day space travel, and between the two you can have a great family day out as there is plenty in both to keep everybody happy.


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