Darlington Brick Train

A Brick Train, seriously, what sounds like a less inspiring day out? On our visit to the National Train Museum Shildon, I just happened to spot a postcard with a weird looking train on it. On closer inspection I saw that the train was a brick sculpture, and I curiously turned over the card to see where it was.

Brick Train Sculpture, Darlington the postcard read. Darlington, being a little out of my home area, I wasn’t sure of its exact location, but I knew it was somewhere in the area. Out came my mobile and I quickly googled Brick Train. Up came the results with the speed of a 3G snail, and a postcode. I put the postcode into the Maps app and to my surprise it said I was little over 12 miles away. That was it, the end of the day would be us passing by the Brick Train I had just found out existed.


Excitedly I informed my wife, who gave me the most excited look. I say excited, I may mean disgusted, but never the less, it wasn’t too far away, and lets face it, she was too tired to argue!

So, off we went in search of the Brick Train. I wasn’t prepared for it, it just jumped out from behind some trees. Finding a place to pull over was a little more challenging; I hadn’t planned that far ahead.

Getting closer to the train, my mission becoming clear, we were passing a Morrisons supermarket, and I did contemplate stopping in there, but in a world of ANPR cameras and car park fines I thought it wise not to. Next to the supermarket is an industrial estate and with a bit of lurking around the roads I found a little dead end out of the way where we abandoned ship and set out on foot.

We found a few signs and finally after about 5 minutes stumbled across the train.

The brick train was built in 1997 and is made out of 185,000 bricks, 23 feet high and a massive 130 feet long! OK, maybe its not a day out, but if you are in the area I would urge you to stop by, its quite an impressive structure, and you can climb the stairs to the top and watch the traffic thunder by.

After some research I found that Morrisons do allow you to use their car park for it, so what better than a little wander down the footpaths and a Morrisons Sunday lunch to kill a few hours!


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