English Institute of Sport

Back in the day, when we were child free and had more than a little spare cash, we went to see Basketball games quite often, supporting the Sheffield Sharks, and although we didn’t follow their progress through the league, we enjoyed going along to home games and cheering them on.

Since our Son turned up, we stopped going, especially as we had to find ways of cutting our spending, and although it wasn’t a lot of money, it was still money we could use . Now he is 6, we said we should look to go again, see if we still enjoyed the games, but we didn’t go through with booking tickets.

That was until we stumbled upon Sheffield Sharks tickets on Amazon Local, it seemed that the gods wanted us to return, and we booked 3 tickets via Amazon Local for the game the very next weekend at the English Institute of Sport (EIS), Sheffield.

The EIS was built in 2003 and serves a community wanting everything from a gym to a full running track, and everything inbetween.

We were excited to arrive, and found that car parking cost £3.50, or £3.00 if you parked a little further away at the Arena car park across the road. We made our way inside and to much confusion.

As a first time visitor, there was no clear signage, and people standing around in groups. Not knowing where to head, we joined a queue, afterall, we are British, and what else is a queue for if not joining!

As we did a bit of investigation, we soon saw that this was in fact for a small café, disguised as a reception desk. We moved off to ask a member of staff who pointed us towards the large sports hall, where, when we got there, was clearly labelled up as Basketball. Indeed, we soon found the sounds of squeaking shoes and bouncing balls filling the air, but given the time on our tickets were wrong, we found we had quite a wait on our hands, giving us a chance to see some of the other facilities.

We headed upstairs, and soon found the Athletics stadium, with a full running track, high jumps and long jumps, and we had the chance to watch what turned out to be under 12’s athletics. With a room packed with proud parents, it was hard not to get carried away and join the shouting and cheering, the atmosphere was electric as the kids did their best to prove my fitness was more than a little wanting.

It was soon time for the Basketball, and I will save the game report for another time, but I will say that the Sharks lost, by the narrowest of margins, however, we really enjoyed the game, with us joining in with the foot stomping, shouting DEFENSE and cheering, and the rest of our afternoon, we will be checking back into the EIS at some point in the future, and see if it can light a sports spark in our son as he stood there mesmerized by the events he had only seen on TV.


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